What is Kubernetes?

Well!! try remembering your sports teacher when you were in School, sorry if I triggered any memories where you were beaten by your sports teacher. I am just trying to create an analogy in your mind so that you can understand what actually Kubernetes is. Now try remembering how he/She managed to

  • Organise students in one single line or may be structuring the standup by their name, uid, etc

  • How they created different houses and put students in them

  • While playing any sports game, how they took decisions/managed teams/replace injured player with healthy ones on the fly based on the situations

This is how K8s organises different modules/services of our application such as Load Balancer, HTTPs, Auth, Databases, Search features, Log etc and that is what called an Orchestrator - the one who organises things

Hence, Kubernetes is an Orchestrator(not traitor :D)